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Getting Your VIP Tickets

Occasionally, tickets may be accessible via fan club websites as pre-sales or exclusive VIP packages. Please be informed that these Artist VIP packages do not encompass access to venue facilities such as VIP Parking, the First Star Club and Restaurant, and the VIP Patio.

Ticket Collection Protocol

Clients are required to present a photo ID, the credit card used for the ticket purchase, and the order confirmation number if available. Please note that the box office can only release tickets to individuals whose name appears on the account and cannot dispense tickets without a valid photo ID. We are unable to accommodate requests to leave Will Call tickets under another person’s name.

Restricted View Seats

Seats labeled as Restricted View imply that your sightline of the complete stage may be hindered due to the placement of these seats in relation to the stage setup, or due to obstructions such as speakers.

Ticket Management Best Practices

  • We recommend downloading your digital tickets securely via Wi-Fi before attending the concert, as high cellular data usage at events can affect connectivity.
  • Please be aware that screenshots, photocopies, and printed barcodes of tickets are not recognized as valid for entry.
  • For a smooth venue entry, ensure to check your mobile tickets ahead of the event.
  • If your phone screen is damaged, do not opt for mobile entry as the cracks can render the ticket barcode unreadable.
  • Using digital wallets like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet can help you manage your mobile tickets efficiently.
  • Ensure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID and the credit card used for the ticket purchase to the venue.
  • Avoid leaving your physical tickets in the sun or in high-temperature conditions as the heat can damage the ticket paper and render the barcode unreadable.
  • Maintain the security of your tickets before the event. We are unable to replace lost, destroyed, or forgotten physical tickets.
  • Ensure your mobile device is fully charged if you intend to use mobile entry.
  • Refrain from posting images of your tickets with visible barcodes on social media platforms to avoid unauthorized use.

For any ticket-related issues upon entry, please approach a customer service representative at the box office.

The Golden Era of Live Music: A Ticket to Nostalgia and Innovation

The contemporary music scene is witnessing an unprecedented surge in live performances. From iconic legends to modern trailblazers, artists are hitting the road, offering fans a spectrum of melodious experiences. With a diverse range of genres and styles, the current lineup featuring Adele, Post Malone, KISS, and more, promises something for everyone.

A Revival of Classics

Artist Concert Tour Name Notable Hits
KISS End of the Road World Tour “I Was Made for Lovin’ You”
Foreigner The Historic Farewell Tour “I Want to Know What Love Is”
Carrie Underwood Denim & Rhinestones Tour “Before He Cheats”
Garth Brooks Stadium Tour “Friends in Low Places”
U2 The Joshua Tree Tour “With or Without You”
Lionel Richie Hello Tour “All Night Long”
Billy Joel Monthly Madison Square Garden Residency “Piano Man”

Classic rock legends KISS are bidding adieu with their “End of the Road World Tour,” while Foreigner is captivating audiences with their “Historic Farewell Tour.” On the country front, icons like Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks continue to draw massive crowds with their heartfelt anthems. U2 and Lionel Richie are offering a dose of nostalgia, whereas Billy Joel’s ongoing Madison Square Garden residency is a testament to his enduring appeal.

Chart-Topping Sensations

Artist Concert Tour Name Notable Hits
Adele Weekends with Adele “Easy on Me”
Post Malone Twelve Carat Tour “Circles”
Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour “Higher Power”
Pink Summer Carnival 2023 “What About Us”
Doja Cat Planet Her Tour “Say So”
Jonas Brothers The Remember This Tour “Sucker”
Mariah Carey The Butterfly Returns “Fantasy”

Adele’s long-anticipated “Weekends with Adele” is a spectacular blend of powerful vocals and emotional depth, while Post Malone‘s “Twelve Carat Tour” showcases his genre-blending hits. Coldplay‘s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” is a visually stunning and environmentally conscious spectacle. Pink‘s high-flying acrobatics in “Summer Carnival 2023” and Doja Cat’s visually arresting “Planet Her Tour” are reshaping live performances. The Jonas Brothers and Mariah Carey are keeping the pop essence alive with their respective tours, catering to a diverse fanbase.

Pop Royalty and Hip-Hop Giants on Stage

Artist Concert Tour Name Notable Hits
Kylie Minogue Disco: Guest List Edition Tour “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”
Madonna The Celebration Tour “Like a Prayer”
50 Cent Green Light Gang World Tour “In Da Club”

Pop royalty is not far behind, with Kylie Minogue’s “Disco: Guest List Edition Tour” offering a glittering dance party, and Madonna’s “The Celebration Tour” serving as a retrospective of her groundbreaking career. Adding to the mix, 50 Cent’s “Green Light Gang World Tour” brings the gritty beats and street-smart lyrics of hip-hop to the forefront.

Securing Your Spot

Securing tickets for these much-anticipated events has become a pursuit in itself. Adele tickets were famously elusive, with fans camping online for hours. Similarly, the demand for Coldplay and Madonna tickets skyrocketed, reflecting the intense longing for live music experiences.

Whether it’s the timeless allure of KISS tickets or the modern magnetism of Doja Cat tickets, the current concert season is a vibrant mosaic of musical prowess. From the country twang of Carrie Underwood tickets to the rock anthems of Foreigner tickets, and from the soulful ballads encapsulated in Lionel Richie tickets to the hip-hop rhythms of 50 Cent tickets, there’s a symphony for every soul.

As the curtains rise and the lights dim, each ticket – be it for U2, Billy Joel, or Mariah Carey – is not just a pass to a concert. It’s an invitation to partake in a communal celebration of music, a testament to its enduring power to unite, evoke, and inspire. In a world constantly in flux, these tickets offer a gateway to a realm where the only language spoken is that of melody and rhythm.